Process and Procedure

  1. Lead times are 7-30 days but in most cases delivery time is around weeks.  
  2. Products are ordered when we receive your purchase order and invoice you. Stock lots are offered only when available or already secured.
  3. Most payments are done through third party freight forwarder escrow services to ensure security for all  30% deposit is required at the time your order is invoiced with balance due upon successful inspection.
  4. In some cases, we can accept ILC payments from a major world bank, with 10% deposit. This is established on individual cases depending on circumstances.
  5. Inspections are conducted by Under Bond warehouses at our expense.  Buyers are welcome to request additional inspection  at their own expense.
  6. All prices are quoted Ex Works Bonded Warehouse at the freight forwarder where the inspection will be held.
  7. The buyer may opt to be present at any inspection as best suits his policy.
  8. Each sales contract additionally requires a confidentiality agreement binding all parties against circumvention and non-disclosure of information.
  9.  All product is guaranteed fresh.  No samples are available.
  10.  All product is guaranteed original and includes all necessary documentation for exportation.
  11.  All buyers are required to have authorization to either wholesale or retail cigarettes with the affected manufacturers if using European Ports.  Dubai is still a no questions asked port though due diligence will still be performed.
  12.  Photographs of 6 sides of one pack, one carton and one master case will be provided to the buyer along with the required documents after inspection.  Photographs prior to inspection are not proof of stock and are not provided.